Just in case you’ve been wondering what the big deal is with me, I’m a radical Christian which is considerably DIFFERENT  than being a radical Jihadist or Islamic fundamentalist (most folks from an opposing viewpoint would disagree but that is either out of ignorance or out of sheer stubbornness on their part- that’s fine, if they hate me that’s no skin off my nose- they’re the ones in pain obviously over something I have no idea about.) The best I can do is pray for their healing and recovery whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. we all go through it too this is not a funny thing nor is it a thing to be laughed at or scorned pain is pain. We are ALL in some form of pain whether we are willing to admit it or not.

Whether it is a “great right-wing conspiracy” or you actually think – Oh crap, “they’re after me!” Reality check- “they are we !” EEEEEEK!!!!!! So whether you’re a “Conservative nut-case” like myself or otherwise I’m open to talk about issues on both sides I’m picky but what do you expect? I love people.  Mostly they are important to me and I’m also a minister of the Gospel. I apologize if at times on this web log it doesn’t sound like it, but I also deal with certain levels of stress due to some disabilities I do not use this as an excuse for bad behavior besides I have a funny feeling that Jesus would turn me upside down and shake me from head to to if I tried. I’m still a work in progress like anybody else so pray for me.

I have only one rule about e-mail at this juncture- keep it relevant to the topic at hand and do not attack any writer on here whether myself or anybody else on  this web log or you will be reported to Word Press! Inflammatory statements unless accompanied by the proper emoticon will be deleted!


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