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Apple’s Jobs Steps Down, Says Can No Longer Serve

Apple’s Jobs steps down, says can no longer serve.ars ago

I’m praying for Steve Jobs that this is not permanent and it can affect morale and creativity in a company that has been a technonlogical innovator from the beginning. I’ve noticed that Steve went from Cherubic and chubby to gaunt and thin. Either he’s tereminally ill or he just can’t take the stress of working while ill whatever the illness is. It could be anything from cancer to heart disease jsut from the look of things.

I’m hoping he’s able to come back how likely that will be in the future who knows. I’m jsut hoping that the “war” between him and Bill Gates hasn’t hit a new level of nasty considering they went their separate ways about 30 years ago. I’m hoping this gets resolved before things come to a head for either company.  That’s not to say that time isn’t age just taking it’s toll. We all get older and sicker. 

 I’m concerned about Steve because it’s more than one thing.  Everything from heart trouble and pancreatic cancer to a really bad cold ( I doubt the latter- there’d haveto be an autoimmune disease involved cancer falls intothat category as does a lot of other things.)

Just keep him in prayer and hope that Bill Gates isn’t the problem because if he’s up to his creepy globalist tricks involving Steve that can have legal consequences.



Muslim Marxist Says White House Tied to Muslim Brotherhood | Vision to America.

Muslim Marxist Says White House Tied to Muslim Brotherhood | Vision to America#.TlOrsQaXAa0.facebook.

Brace youerself this could get VERY UGLY and possibly violent. Also, letme say something that needs sayoing here, Idon’t ocndone violence, but I won’t be bullies by a POLITICAL SYSTEM THAT HATES MY GUTS AND WANTS ME DEAD! I’m not a hypocrite, nor am I amurderous nut. I think we should be prepared with more than one firearm (number’s up to you) and ammo (amount’s up to you) I’m tired of being pushed around even BY MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS  every time I say some thing that may sound a little outside of what they expect. I’m going to suggest you go to the following site: and tell me if they weren’t Christians and that they weren’t defending themselves against a corrupt and EVIL KING! I don’t wanna hear anything else about thisalso those who are conservative and a bit squeamish about the 2nd Amendment, there wouldn’t be an america without it. OCnsider that please.

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