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strong>I hope I’m wrong. I hope this British Lord is wrong. If he’s not, we better stock up RIGHT NOW on food, medicine, (I’m not sure about money this is going to get more than a little weird. I really hope I’m wrong! Pray and fast (that means don’t eat temporaily 1-40 days) Go to:


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Penn State Cross-Like T-Shirt Design Causes Controversy

Penn State Cross-Like T-Shirt Design Causes Controversy.

All I can say is: GO PENN STATE GO!

To those of you objecting, make your own shirt and quit belly-aching!





I’ve noticed the last 4-6 months that Glenn Beck has talked about a lot of issues and I’ve followed it closely. I don’t see him as a perfect journalist, but I do know this. He and FOXNEWS are addressing some things that nobody else is. He’s not a “messianic figure” in any way shape or form. If you’re watching him and thinking that even Glenn would tell you to knock it off, he’s just doing his job. Right now, the only thing that seems to bother me the most is that the White House is getting so freaking controlling. What I don’t think we realize is just how much danger we’re in politically. When an elected official starts butting head with the media something’s terribly wrong.

I’ve watched from January 20,2009 to today and what I’m seeing is absolutely atrocious. The words “two-bit dictator” don’t even fit. I don’t appreciate the way the media’s being manipulated at all. The “shut-up” attitude in Washington is out of control and I think it’s time for somebody to put a stop to all this insanity. Now we have a president MONITORING a media outlet. This is an outright violation of the U.S. Constitution. If I were Rupert Murdoch, I’d hire Jay Sekulow and drag the president his staff person in front of a judge and straight-up forbid yhem from doing so and I mean LEGAL PRECIDENT. This has never happened before in the history of this nation and I don’t think that there should be anybody trying to silence anybody.

This has really concerned me for this reason- if the president can do this then he can harass for all kinds of weird
stuff and I could go further but why give them any ideas. This is a monster that needs to be shot not just ocked away. This constitutional atrocity need s to be taken on and sienced itself. Oppression does not belong in this nation, it is wrong and if you think for one minute that the public should put up with it, no way. I’m going to encourage folks not just to start their own web logs, web sites, and Online Journals, but go out and start new print media as well. This is the perfect time for it, check local clasiifieds for printing presses for sale get out there and change the political landscape we’re in a major transition right now and the media’s nature has been changing for about 15 years ever since the Internet went public it’s been changing.

Don’t let people shut you up either. For those of you who’ve never heard the expression “4th estate” it is reference to the press or media. They are private and they are supposed to keep government in check. That’s why you see so much tension right now between the White House and the station FOXNEWS. I think Rupert Murdoch’s folks are doing a fine job of keeping Barack on his toes. Here’s the problem, he’s gonna end up in trouble if he doesn’t stop.Let’s be respectful of one another and quit all this stupid crap. I’ve seen enough of this. I’m not talking about political correctness, I’m talking about letting people say what they want on their web logs and so forth. This is a free country and we need to keep it free. We need to stop the president from signing a treaty forming a One World Government now. This is real and not a joke. Here’s the information:




I have no idea whatthis is about, but you would think that working for the mob would’ve been more fulfilling wouldn’t you? Sorry, it’s hard for me not to laugh at the thought of a mobster going into hiding as a homosexual. but I’ve heard weirder things but this really takes the cake. Whatever possessed this guy I’ll never know. First he renounces the mob which can be a deadly idea in the first place. I keep wondering what I’m goingto hear next we keep hearingsuch strange new from all 4 conrers of the world and right now we’re seeing something quite interesting. I;m no expert on his, but I thought you could get killed doing that? I guess it’s even more interesting now than ever before. I’m pretty sure that if this guy has a wife and kids their furious with him. I wouldn’t have done that but I would’ve at least jsut went totally legit and then went on from there I as a very skeptical person find myself laughing heartily at this one. ike it’s going to make lifie in Federal Protection¬† any easier. How many more of these folks are going to leave him alone. What a sorry state of affairs!


Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Glenn Beck: Frightening Obama

Here’s something we all need to pay attention to. If you think it’s scary right now, wait till Barack realizes that you don’t WANT MARXISM.Brace yourselves folks, we’re goingto have arally long ride to deal with. Stock up food, firearms, fuel, and whatever you need while you can. If you need information on how to do this go here:

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Glenn Beck: Frightening Obama

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Charges in ‘Balloon Boy’ Falcon Heene Case

I knew this was going to happen that’s why I waited to see what was goingto happen before I commented or even wrote on the subject. This is not a way to parent children at all. If you need help raising your kids, go here before the authorities get involved:

They got good materials for parents who need advice.

Charges in ‘Balloon Boy’ Falcon Heene Case

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The Center for Moral Clarity – Please block unnecessary

You need to do something about this and call you elected officials please!

The Center for Moral Clarity – Please block unnecessary “hate crime” provisions in defense bill

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Pilot Back to Work After Handgun Accidentally Fired During Flight

Always be careful when storing hand-gun. I don’t care where you are. On a plane, at home, at work, etc. Always make sure you’ve taken classes on how to properly handle a gun. DON’T LET YOUR KIDS NEAR IT UNLESS YOU ARE SUPERVISING! Always keep the safety on. The safety is up near the top and looks like a small lever. If you hve small svhildren, make sure you keep it out of their reach nateach older children how and how not to handle them.

Pilot Back to Work After Handgun Accidentally Fired During Flight

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Special Election for Florida District 8 State Senate Seat – Rustyroo – a conservative in exile’s MySpace Blog |

Do you live in Florida specifically in District 8? Check it out!

Special Election for Florida District 8 State Senate Seat – Rustyroo – a conservative in exile’s MySpace Blog |

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Maxcleland: I Cried Uncontrollably for Two Years

Now Mr. Rove has lost me as a believer in his method of campaigning. If he ever does that again I hope he gets a rude awakening from the Lord on the subject because that is totally against the Scriptures. If I were anybody in the Republican Party I’d let him think about what he’s done. There’s an expression I’ve heard: “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” Well the last time I checked, cheating was against the rules. I’m not talking about stolen votes, but lies are just ss bad. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment and I’m guessing that Karl got his when he was falsely accused of causing trouble along side Mr. Libby. Hurts doesn’t it?

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