I know this sounds depressing, but that’s not the intent. This will be about Irish issues that folks may not know about. as I do research about Irish issues, you’ll begin to understand where this is going. I’m of triple Cletic  background:  Scottish, Irish, and German.) I know someobdy jsut went: “GERMAN? THAT’S NOT CELTIC AT ALL!”  Oh yes it is, do your homework about the Celtic Empire. Before the Roman Empire cmae about – it was HUGE and even went as far north as Sweden, Switizerland and Germany- go figure they’d go so far north they started FREEZING  ot death. This is about Irish issues maninly but If I come upon smoething else that is Celtic, you’ll see it here. Yes, I will cover  all political views as well. Eventhough I’m not too partial to smoe of them.



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