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This is about me. something I don’t let people see a lot. I get very nervous about letting this out. I think it’s because I’m an only child and feel too vulnerable. People can twist stuff ya know. So this is about what God’s done in my life. Here’s what He did that TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND NOW THAT LOOK BACK AND REALIZE “HOLY SMOKE I MADE IT THROUGH THAT?”

I lost 3 journals before this idea hit me. I spent a lot of time ANGRY about it. Oh well, that’s life, they’ll be restored by the Lord. That’s what happens when you suck at VERBAL COMMUNICATION and you are EXHAUSTED AT THE END OF THE DAY. This is not what was in those journals. This is another topic totally: MIRACLES! Now there’s a controversial topic for you. Here’s the problem, too many people assume they know what a “miracle” is. Here’s the definition for those of you sitting there scratching your head going: “A what?”

MIRACLE-v. An event that cannot be explained by natural occurrences, or even scientific explanation done by God. Yep, I said GOD. I CAN JUST HEAR THE AGNOSTICS, ATHEISTS AND SKEPTICS NOW: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN “GOD?”  JUST THAT- READ GENESIS 1-REVELATION 22:21, THE GUY THAT INSPIRED THE WRITING OF THE BIBLE? YEAH THAT GOD!  (Sigh) I don’t know what to think anymore, there are so many SKEPTICS out there, what a mess! Well, here goes something I guess we’ll find out WHAT very soon. This will mainly be a journal so I don’t know what you’ll think. This is about miracles in my own life so it’s kinda personal.

BTW, let me know what you think.


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