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Tips to Save Gas

Drive like you’ve got some common sense! If you don’t believe me, read the article. If you’re 16 and just learning how to drive. You better listen or you’ll never get the car again! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
Tips to Save Gas

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Makeover Time for Sarah Palin’s Brand

Makeover Time for Sarah Palin’s Brand

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I really think that Sarah Palin has potential and all these idiotic accusations about corruption are just pathetic. This is the worst political abuse bythe system I’ve seen in a long time. Even Martha Layne Collins wasn’t treated this bad and she was the first female governor we ever had. I know because I live ib Kentucky and I have a signed autograph of her. Sarah Palin should honestly take the media to court for the way they’ve treated her. no, I’m not some FLAMING WOMEN’S LIB proponent. However, if I see anymore of this kind of treatment being thrown at women the  way I’ve seen it, I will personally gather evidence and file a case for her. This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Bill Clinton had a trust fund to defend himself and NOBODY ATTACKED HIM AT ALL until the republicans started screaming their heads off. I really see some political potential with this woman and if the “GOOD OL’ BOY SYSTEM doesn’t back off, they’re going to wish they never had done this!

It’s bad enough that John McCain’s campaign treated her like a second-class citizen when she’s a first-class governor! This whole thing stinks to high heaven and I want answers NOW. By the way, you will see her site on my links if you are interested. By the way, let’s do more than just help Sarah, le’s attack the problem of political discrimination towards women. Now’s the time to raise up for the right reason and that is a political statement but I don’t jsut mean “political right” this is about how to show respect to women in the political arena and to keep the old way of doing politics at bay. No ideologues! I get the impression Sarah could use support for BOTH SIDES HERE. Let’s go kick some chauvinistic butt and give them a run for thie moeny the lies they have NEVER SEEN  in politics on either side.

This lady is also a Christian and I’m thoroughly conivnced that this not that stupid trust fund is why everybody in the media is in a FEEDING FRENZY over Sarah, they smell BLOOD and they think she’s dead politically. Reality check, you don’t mess with a daughter of Christ nad get away with it! No, thisis not about “politicizing Christianity” it’s a statement of fact. Ask  ANY CHRISTIAN OF ANY GENDER. Nobody messes with the spiritual bloodline of Christ and gets away with it. By the way, if anybody’s been paying attention and praying at all, they’ll have noticed something by now, we are in the middle of the End Times and this is going to get interesting. All this stuff on Iraq still has yet to solidify and here’s something to think about. America has a SUPERNATURAL MANDATE FROM GOD. No, I haven’t gone off my rocker- there’s HISTORICAL EVIDENCE for this. Go to some of h hidtory sites on here and don’ t be surprised if you get a bunch of stuff about “manifest destiny” that’s only ONE COMPONENT to this. 

There’s also the fact that god protects His children no matter what they go through. Unless they transgress His Law and that’s a whole different ball-game, then He does what any decent parent does, He disciplines them. Sarah ought to know all about that- she has FIVE CHILDREN for heaven’s sake! They’ve probably gotten a few swats too it would not surprise me.  Don’t go calling Child Protective Services, there’s a difference between a swat and a beating. The latter can put a child in the hospital. Back to the main topic here- Sarah.

This is going to be the last time any man treats a female candidate like this and I hope that this teaches even the older guys like John McCain who has a total 3 women in his life that there’s a right way and a wrong way to treat somebody (actually, I think he’d agree look at his reaction when even a another woman called Hillary Clinton the “B’-word!) There need to be  federal election rules on how gender is handled. 

I’ve often wondered why I never saw a lot of women running for public  office and now I know. This is he most despicable incident I’ve ever seen. By the way, this is not about left or right or conservative or liberal I want women of all kinds to get mad about this and say something. If this were about political ideology, Hillary would’ve even been treated with respect. Let’s do something now and get over all this crap about ideology how “hair-brained ” do we women have to be? By the way, I’m a woman and after what I’ve seen in the political sphere since I was a kid- I’m utterly appalled!


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Glenn Beck – Current Events Politics – Glenn Beck: Universal Health Helps Kill UK Man

This is pretty bad, now we know why we don’t want socialized medicine or health care- YUCK! I’m even convinced that had the Soviet system allowed for private healthcare Boris Yeltsin would still be alive right now. He ignored his health as a young man and had a bad fever and a bad cold that he didn’t take care of and it impacted his health as an older adult. So for those of you who think he was an alcoholic, maybe he drank when he was younger, but as a 56  year old man in 1987 he was doped up to save him from dying a horrible death (heart failure) on the Supreme Soviet floor if you don’t believe me read his book Against the Grain.You can find it in the library or online at E-BAYor something.

 There’s a lot to be said about having the freedom to go to a doctor and not hve to pay “a million dollars” to get a check-up or a vaccination, even medication. There’s also this- there are LOW-PRICED MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE PACKAGES OUT THERE FOR $5.00-$6.00 a monh that cover everything at this point so let’s get real people. If you don’t believe me on that one do a keyword search with “low-cost medical insurance.” Alos keep the pressure on with your congressman or congresswoman, they want the right thing here- give them ideas of what to put in as well.  Don’t just call and say “keep working” call and say “I have an idea on how to counter high costs” if you know what you’re doing or saying. If you work for the medical insurance industry cooperate but don’t just go in there with “the bottom line” on your mind, but go in there with helpful things that can help your customers as well.

Let’s also call in with ideas of how to reform Medicare and Social Security as well. That is part of this by the way. If you’re “mildly disabled” and able to re-train and get off of Social Security Disability Insurance- do it and make sure that what you re-train for is some thing you enjoy or are good at. If you are able to help employ people and I know there are businesspeople looking at this and going “Are you nuts? I can’t pay my buildong rent for the month!” If you’re running a business that takes office space and the physical space is too expensive go to:

Tht will keep the office going until you find a space inexpenisve enough for you or until you find a building you can buy and that you can afford the property taxes on. There are ways around high costs and there are ways to keep your business going and keep your sanity. If you won your building and want tax breaks, hire the disabled like crazy- make sure they’re qulafied by all means, but don’t under-estimate the personal and economic benefits assesst he spiritual benefits as well.

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Glenn Beck – Current Events Politics – Video of the Day – July 22, 2009

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Video of the Day – July 22, 2009

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Tell me this doesn’t sound creepy. Not the synthesized voices but the message. I’m honestly shocked by what they are talking about and this is sort of a comedic thing, but the issues addressed aren’t that funny. We need to WAKE UP TOTALLY obviously, that’s the point of this video and if any political figures see this, think about what you’re hearing, this is obviously from somebody who realizes the GRAVITY OF THE POLITICAL SITUATION HERE.

Please don’t ignore this video- we have a lot of work to do in a short period of time but it is peritnent that we do something about the insanity that our presidnet is trying to pull here and if we don’t do something quickly, there’s going to be a very frightening election the next time around.

I’m appalled by what happened with Sarah Palin, all you guys want (on both sies of the aisle is a quiet woman who will follow you all alover the place as far as politics and making those type odf decisions and you finally got your “sociilaized presidjent and now some of you don’t like it do you? You realize suddenly just how dangerous it is to back a freshman senator who has NO CLUE AT ALL how to run the country.

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Six weeks ago, I was at a Louisville Christian Writers meeting and when we got to the last segment of our meeting which was a critique group session. A friend of mine sitting at the group said that she’d been SOOOO MAD about the stuff about the current administration is doing. Then another friend who wasn’t trying to chastise her said that we need to quit getting all hacked off about the political situation and pray. Here’s he other issue another friend was writing about the same thing. ho could 2 women be writing about the same thing? Who knows, but I  can tell you this- the conversation that was to follow really jerked a knot in my rear-end! 

That doesn’t mean don’t go to a T.E.A  Party that means we are to turn these T.E.A parties into a prayer opportunity not a gripe session. By the way those of you who are of Judeo-Christian background, we need to fast and pray, not just pray. This is a situation like in Esther- we are here for “such  a time as this.”  We need to fast and pray for this President If you’re diabetic and you’re thinking “Oh no I can’t!”  Oh yes you can, it’s called a Daniel fast read Daniel chapter 1 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego or for those of you who grew up on Veggie Tales Rack, Shack and Benny. The Daniel fast consists of fruits, vegetables, and water. Check your blood sugar regularly to make sure you don’t go into insulin shock or diabetic coma. You need to be doing that regularly anyway. If you’re nor you oughta know better than that. by the way, this is only going to be for a few days like a week or so. This is not something you do over a long period of time unless directed by the Holy Spirit (The third person of the Godhead e.g. God the Father God the Son (Jesus), God the Holy Spirit.  They are not 3 gods for those of you who’ve had a bunch of weird junk shoved in you head READ THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELF WITH SOME GOOD STUDY MATERIALS!

Leave the teachings of the Mormon Church and the Jehovah’s WItnesses out of this they are inaccurate.  The Quran doesn’t have anything different as a matter of fact Muhammad transplanted Christian End-Times Theology and twisted it. So Solomon was right, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” Ecclesiastes 1:9.

 Read the following Scriptures:


I Thessalonians 5:1:1-11

Matthew 24, Mark 13:1-2, Luke 21:5-6,

Mk. 13:3-13, Luke 21:17-19 

Mk. 13:14-23, Luke 17:23-24, Luke 17:37, Luke 21:20-24, Mk. 13:24-27, Luke 12:41-48.

The Book of Revelation


Daniel 1, Esther 4:16, Is. 58:1-12, Matt. 6:16-18, Acts 13:2



I know what you politicsl types are thinking- “We need to CRUSH the other political party!” News flash- I don’t think so. Jesus told us to love one another and if you are a Christian that’s EXACTLY what you willl do! I’ve gotten sick of all this HATE AND VITRIOLE JUST STOP IT! The Scriptures  tell us to pray for our leaders even if we don’t like them. This is a command not a suggestion! So, start praying for one another and by the way don’t pray the way Ms. Sykes prayed for Mr. Limbaugh, that will BACKFIRE  on you! you cannot pray destructively and not expect it to not hit you. What she did even if it was funny may boomerang on her she should’ve kept her mouth shut.  I don’t care how funny it is- WORDS MEAN SOMETHING AND THEY HAVE POWER! People do the dumbest things I’m telling you. I will be praying protection over Ms. Sykes health since she seems goofy enough to unleash that kind of junk in the world. Nobody needs this junk! Jesus said it straight up in Matthew 5:44 “Pray for your enemies.” This doesn’t take a Ph.D in Christian theology to figure out, just some common sense. So don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that this is some joke that she came up with. We all do it- whether tongue in cheek or dead serious. Be careful what comes out of your mouth even if it’s a campaign promise! It’s part of living a fasted life as well.

There’s a time to speak truth to power and there’s more than one way to do it. We can either take the kind of route that people like Bin Laden do or we can take the example of Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi- take your pick. so to those of you who show up o the T.E.A Party on the 4th of July remember FREEDOM IS ULTIMATELY IN CHRIST JESUS! If you don’t know Jesus, we can take care of that too.




I know this sounds rash and harsh, but reality is reality. There’s an old book by Benjamin Graham called The Intelligent Investor   this is no some get-rich quick scheme nor is it for the stupid. Get the book and read it from cover to cover. This is probably good advice for teens and for the seasoned investors who’ve almost lost their shirts. don’t think for one minute that everything is some DEEP DARK SECRET.

If you keep looking for weird stuff- you get weird stuff. If oy think that this is going to be a walk in the park expect to get hit by a few tree branches, this type of investing is not for the weak at heart nor for the goofy person who thinks that Warren Buffet’s ideas are antiquated. This could be the beginning for a lot of folks who know what they are doing and this is only the beginning. Never mind the man behind the curtain, get the advice of his mentor! Type in the name and get yourself a copy and don’t get all discouraged because of the age of the concept. There’s more than meets the eye.



Casting Crowns album by Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns album by Casting Crowns

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Israel Ancient Mosaic

Check this out. If you like bautiful artwork or even ancient artwork this ought to do the trick. Take time to educate yourself about the Middle East on artwork and other things involving the heritage and then when you meet somebody either american and Jewish or Israeli you’ll have some thing to talk about. Pretty cool huh?
Israel Ancient Mosaic

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