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Check it out! American products that won’t fall apart of wear out to the point that you are constantly buying stuff! Awesome!
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If you’ve been following the news the last few hours, you know that Michael Jackson died earlier today. This is tragic! He was just about to start a NEW TOUR. This  is a real loss about the death of Michael. Let’s keep his family in prayer especially his children. For those of you who are Michael Jackson fans- I’m one too by the way, I’m keeping you in prayer as well. When I was 12-14 years I’d learn to actually moonwalk- all you had to do was “follow his feet” look closely when you watch him do it.

I’m hoping that the world will stop think about what kind of people were trying to destroy him. Well, I’ve been wondering about something about the controversial events that surrounding him. I honestly don’t make any money off of these web logs. I’ve wanted to make some money that would be a miracle. However, i’m just a fan who loved his music. I apologize for not having the tools on here to put up photos but right now just remeber him doing that moonwalk folks because that’s what he’d want. I won’t speculate about this there were so many rumors about his health. God and Michael only know the truth on that at this point. People claim it was cardiac arrest. I have no clue however.   So the best I can do right now is this:




Homeless Student Heads to Harvard

This is something we should all praise God for. The child in this story dealt with insurmountable odds and managed to get into Harvard. There are several other examples of this: Colin Powell- grew up in the Bronx and came from a an immigrant family they were from Jamaica,the current president went from a madrassa in Kenya nad close to becoming a Muslim when his father’s death plopped him down here and he’d been born here as well.

Though disputed. Abraaham Lincoln grew up poor, Andrew Jackson grew up in rough circumstances He was a military general before he became president. There are a lot of inspirational stories out there so don’t underestimate what a child can do even in the wrong circumstances.

Her mom may’ve surrounded her with people to inspire her or she latched onto something that kept here going. I almost quit high school when my aunt rented a movie called Stand and Deliver to this very day that’s one of my favorite films. Somebody also must’ve been praying for this child otherwise we’d have never heard of her.

So, for all those folks out there who keep claiming Baraack Obama’s “too white” and making the same sstupid remarks about Colin Powell- I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!
Homeless Student Heads to Harvard

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My church is called LIFE CHURCH we ‘re having Vacation Biblr School this week. We are at 4413 East Pages Lane in Louisville , KY. bring your kids and learn about God and Jesus!  Cool huh? 

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Scientology Violence

Tell me this is a good idea and I’ll sell you a tract of permafrost in Siberia! My piont is of course I don’t work for the Russian government so I couldn’t. This guy is a criminal straight up and subject to the laws of the land if this is true. I think he belongs behind bars anyway he ripping people off of their hard-earned money and using scare tactics to do it. Stay away from weird religious cults like this they are nothing but criminals hiding behind the 1st Amendment and they hurt millions of people who really thought they were keeping their best interests at heart. Honestly they don’t care that’s the world for you, they hate the Truth of God’s Word and would exchange it for a lie. Lies hurt people on a daily basis. So be careful!

Scientology Violence

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Please pray for the situation in Iran and especially keep the students involved in this in prayer. They are in a lot of danger also pray for the confusion of governnment officials who are trying to disconnect satellite dishes. Pray protection over the folks who are getting vital information to the U.S. Government. If you need to put a Twitter proxy up to give them access go to and download it on your web site or web log site. To those of you providing cover thank you and keep doing what you’re doing.



There are women around the world who find Arabs romantic, fascinating and exciting, If you are,  what you need to know about Islam, here’s what you’ll find.  A very dangerous religion that cares nothing for you and tries to make you look weak and unequal to a man. There are critics who would say that the Judeo-Christian faith is that way.

Here’s my challenge to any woman who is comparing the two- compare the scriptures of these religions and see if it is true, If you come to the conclusion that this is a farce and a crutch I understand. You will probably find if you read far enough that islam cares nothing for women at all. Judeo-Christian beliefs however- the real thing mind you places high regard for women and their education and advancement. You may find this shocking for the simple fact that you’ve heard for 8 years that Islam is a religion of peace. This has come from the Islamic world itself and has been propagated by everybody from Oprah to Obama, from Bush to Romney. The truth is that this is a religion that has killed 4,000 or more people on 9/11/01 and millions more on various other dates.  There are people out there who are UNDER POLITICAL PRESSURE  to say these things or be perceived as reactionary or racist.

The truth of the matter is that if we keep letting political figures who think they understand try these terrorists in our court system, they will try to change our court system to include Sharia Law. Sharia Law is Islamic Law and we really don’t need it. Ask your Muslim neighbors if they want this in America and you will see two reactions- they will squirm uncomfortably or they will adamantly say “NO!” Because they knpw what it does to families and especially to women and men. Pray about this and don’t stop!




I’ve been listening to WJIE FM 88.5 and if you also listen to them you know about the ad about the special session that starts today about slot machine gambling. You need to go to Frankfort and make your voice heard now. I’ve heard that this is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR BILL! They want electronic slot machines at locations like Churchill Downs and other places to pull in revenue. This is the MOST ADDICTIVE FORM OF GAMBLING AND IT’S ILLEGAL! Let’s stop this cold in it’s tracks. The phrase you’ve probably heard used is the “crack cocaine” of gambling. 

Tell your boss you’d like the day off tomorrow to be involved in this effort to stop this hideous special session from being a vehicle for further economic slavery. Invite your boss to be involved as well. This is about robbing the poor to pay for the fact that somebody who has money won’t pay their fair share, Let’s stop this NOW! You’ll seee a site for more information on here as well. This affects all kinds of folks rich, poor, middle-class. It will rob everybody including those who can’t afford it.  reruit friends, neighbors, bosses, co-workers and anybody you know that will be passionate about stopping this.


Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier

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Now this tells me that all this “global warming” stuff is just tripe to get people to buy tickets to disaster films that make for really good fiction.

Wonder what they’ve been smoking in Al Gore’s office and if they inhalettd. For that matter DON’T DRINK THE KOOL AID! God only knows if Al’s keeping If you think for one minute that we are headed towards “The End of the World As We Know It- you’re right but it has nothing to do with caut informationrbon credits and global warming- it’s worse. ust red Matt. 24, The Book of Revelation, Daniel, Zechariah, ezekiel 36-40. Brace yourself this is going to get interesting. This is about information not fear. Unless you’re talking the fear of God.

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Have you found that Denotchka’s Press Club Express is missing something? I have and I’m in the process of doing something about it. I love sports but I couldn’t write about it to save my own life- even in a pinch so I looked in-house and asked my husband to cover the subject for me. He’s a trained journalist so the quality will be through  the roof! I may actually ask for some other folks to help on here if they are able to help and have the time.

Keep your eyes peeled for other things as well. I have some sports sites on here so far and knowing my husband- he ought to be excited about this new poetry web log and the more experience the better! I hope you like what he comes up with. He’s just breaking his in so give him a ittle room and I’m hoping he’ll jump into some sports journalism eventually.


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