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I was checking my mail and went on a site I think I’ve shared: How To Vanish and they showed a site that can protect your whole computer.  It’s not a free proxy server either. In fact it’s $107.00 USD but here’s what I’m gonna say, considering all the WEIRD CRAP GOING ON YOU NEED TO GET THIS PRODUCT! It’s used by the US Govt. to protect their computers and you RARELY hear about them getting messed with really and if you do, it’s probably either rare or they just nailed a hacker/cyber-terrorist (real ones.) This is what I’m going to suggest: ALL YOU TEA PARTIERS BETTER GET THIS THING NOW!!!!! THE SAME WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN INFILTRATED BY THE SOROS/OBAMA/COMMUNIST PARTY MACHINE! GET THIS TECHNOLOGY YOU’RE GONNA NEED IT!!!!

I won’t tell you if I’ve got it yet or not for my own reasons. This is PRIMO TECHNOLOGY!!!!! I’D EVEN INVEST IN THE TECH STOCK! LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN AND LET’S STAY FREE DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY!!!!! WHEN I SAY REVOLUTION I’M NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE! THIS MAY EVEN HELP ANONYMOUS AS WELL.  My message to ANONYMOUS is this: only take down the real bad guys, real terrorists (example HAMAS or Hezbollah.) You get the idea. We can affect other companies by doing boycotts of products and stocks it sends a LOUD AND CLEAR MESSAGE FAR BETTER THAN ATTACKING WEB SITES UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP LIKE ASSANGE AND WIKILEAKS YOU’LL LISTEN TO ME!!!!! STOP ATTACKING WEBSITES AND DO APPROPRIATE ACTION. Here’s the site: Indentity Cloaker

Get it and stay free!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you a member of the New World Order? Are you a Global Internationalist and LOVE INTERNATIONAL STUFF? Me too. I’m not an “official member of the NWO/GI community, but I’m concerned about you folks. I’m sure somebody’d gonna go: “Oh this is just F******* great some IDIOT wants me to “Come to Jesus!” Let me say something here- 1. I’M NO “IDIOT!” 2.  If you think that- guess what? 3. I’m only doing my job and telling you that there is a better way.

 I don’t wanna see people hurt especially when they die- do you know how Stalin died? He slowly choked to death on his own blood after having a stroke. He was a Globalist and a Communist. That’s no way to die! Can you find Bibles  that are electronic? YES!!!!!  They’re online at the following:,, (you can get them on implantable chips here.)     

By theway, you can find some really good Study Bibles as well. Thompson’s Chain Reference, $90.00 it’s worth it! Practically an encyclopedia of knowledge! The Nelson Study Bible, $60.00, Amplified Bible $6.00-60.00  depending on what you get- paperback, hardback, bonded leather. There’s also Bible study Software out there as well.  PC Bible, E-Bible, Compton’s Intereactive Bible NIV, QuickVerse   you can get QiuckVerse a t a mininstry called E-4 Group for free and ugrade it if you like, Just type in  Bibles and Bible software and you’ll see all kinds of stuff. I’m not trying to drive you nuts, I just really would like to see you all in Eternity with me instead of being tortured by separation from God (Trust me, it’s no fun, I even tried an experiment that would upset my pastor and YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SEPARATED FROM GOD! THIS ISN’T LIKE A MIXED DRINK WHERE YOU CAN MIX ALCOHOL WITH ANYTHING YOU LIKE AND IT TAASTES GOOD!) By the way, the experiment was ACCIDENTAL! Don’t ask!

 As a Christian, I DO feel like an idiot but I did it for good reason, because if I come to you and I’ve never been where you are, you won’t believe me. SO FOR THOSE OF YOU TRYING TO ‘MIX AND MATCH RELIGIONS,” STOP IT! You’re gonna get yourself killed! I spent a few years trying to “Get back” to Jesus and suddenly realized one day I needed to be re-baptized and I did it. To those of you who’ve been playing games with yourselves and God- STOP IT THIS IS YOUR LIFE YOU’RE MESSING WITH!!!!! Stay away from Bohemian Grove and do Bible study at home or wherever but for God’s sake I’m not kidding this is REAL people! Here’s where you can go to accept Christ:, ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Love you guys! Including you folks who can’t stand me!




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When I was much older, God gave me the Holy Spirit- I’ve seen GOd do things that have blown my mind! He’s once again protected me from danger growing up! An out of control alcoholic father who could’ve hurt me or even worse! Wow is God a great bodyguard or what? Like I said before, I love my parents and I realize that nobody’s perfect (except Christ Himself.) When I became Spirit-activated, I didn’t understand it the first time around. I was a new Christian and it really scared me at first because I’d been taught wrong about God.

 Well, I ended up leaving and going somewhere I was taught properly about things I don’t want to share church names that wouldn’t be fair tothem consideringwhere they are now. I left on good terms and started praying for them. That was all I felt free to do. Jeuss has made some MIRACULOUS CHANGES AT BOTH CHURCHES AS A A RESULT! NEW PASTORS, NEW PEOPLE IN THE COMNGREGATIONS- NOW THAT’S COOL!

What I learned was that GOD IS REAL SO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT AND NOBODY CAN MESS WITH THAT!!!!  I praise God that I learned this because what it did for me opened up the access to His power to do minstry the way I should. I asked as a result for the ministry that I’m in to be credible. I realized if i didn’t I’d be the biggest joke in the Kingdom and I’m not into being the “court jester” in that case.

I also found out as a young Christian that I was called to prophetic ministry and that doesn’t work without the Holy Spirit at all! So try explaining that to a pastor who doesn’t think the Holy Spirit is active. I don’t feel comfortable about the idea that He’s not- I’m the kind of person who needs that to be real or I’m in more trouble than ever!

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Okay, now that I’ve got your attention. We ALL need to learn how to operate your SUSTA account.  Now I know somebody just said: “MY WHAT?” your SUSTA account. It’s your name in ALL CAPS like this: JOHN DOE. Here’s the site I’m talking about: bear in mind we are talking REAL PIRATES not Long John Silver out of Treasure Island (would that that were all we’d have to worry about!)

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