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I’m not going to pretend I understand what’s giong on here but if one of two political parties has been kept out of the comittee meetings on Unviersal Health Care we’re all in trouble! Here’s what I mean:


I don’t expect the best out of either side anymore including this news source, but I can only pray that the Lord does what He’s best at.

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ENTRY FEE: $10.00


(the former Jazz Factory at Glassworks)

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2009 7:30 P.M.


1ST PLACE- $300.00






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The government waste has me furious!! This is the most tragic situation the people have ever seen. Here’s how NOT TO HAVE TO USE THE “Stimulus Bailout Money.” Go to the  following web sites:

There are all kinds of scams and rip-offs out there and this “stimulus bill” is just one way for Democrats to get in your pockets. they think it’s funny as well. Remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Toto goes behind the curtain and exposes the “wizard” for what he really is? Well, now it’s my turn! Whoop there it is- BARACK OBAMA AND HIS HENCHMEN WITH HIS HAND IN YOUR POCKET!

I like the fact that he won, but he needs a little more INFORMATION TRANSPARENCY!  What a manipulative person- this is driving me nuts! So DO  pay attention to the man behind the curtain- he could be trying to mess you up really bad! Get a grant and get a clue folks!

Even Goldman-Sachs and other investetn firms have used this system for what they’ve got- so who’s kidding whom?

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The Rod Blagoyevich Scandal

I find this whole situation very tragic. There are things that not many know about this currently tragic governor of Illinois. He’s a first generation American and he’s totally messed up his parents dreams. We need to keep him and his family in prayer. If you go to and type in Rod Blagojevich  and watch the hearing from yesterdayand the previous broadcast. I’m not on his side, but he’s obviously a mess. There are some things however that totally smell about this whole thing.

  1. the prosecutor is the same dude who went after I.”Scooter” Libby and he was not the person who was leaking information- it was somebody else.
  2. He’s not doing his job. The defense has the right to total access to ANY EVIDENCE  that the prosecution has. They didn’t get the chance to address these issues in the Illinois senate- why- who knows. If the investigation is still going on that’s the only justifiable reason I can think of.
  3. The statements made are obviously very general and that makes the prosecution look pretty stupid as far as whether they have any real evidence of wrong-doing. You can’t arrest somebody for using foul language- that’s a First Amendment issue albeit a controversial one.
  4. Mr. Blagoyevich better get back to Illinois get the best lawyer he can and fight like hell if he is innocent and quit making the rounds to the media. Hey Rod, if you’re gonna shoot off your big mouth do it in court instead of on FOXNEWS, CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, ABC, and The View!
  5. Quit doing deals and sounding like some modern mobster. I hope your mom washes your mouth out with soap you Liberal nut-case!
  6. I hope they strip Mr. Burris of his seat and that due process takes place eventhough the previous governor can do what he did.
  7. This is the most disgusting thing to date since the Craig case last year. I’m not happy at all with either party and until they act like they have some brains, respect their constituents, and they do the right thing by the average American tax-payer including getting rid of some the dumbest legislation in American history, we are going to be very messed up for a very long time. That even includes the TAX SYSTEM that allows Congressionall officials to go get a lawyer to help them pay their taxes- what?! Well if that’s the case- the average American should do the same so JK Harris here we come! (RASPBERRY!)    

By the way, if you’re tired of all this tax junk here’s where to go:

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I have to admit I’m impressed with the results  of this president on the First Amendment. I was waiting on pins and needles to see what was going to happen. This was unexpected. I’m guess that there was a whole lot of political pressure as a result of  a lot of grass- roots efforts to STOP this insanity. The poisonous legislation would’ve silenced a lot of Conservative and Christian voices and that would’ve absolutely destroyed the fabric of this nation. I think we just taught RUSSIA  a lesson in how you deal with  opposing political points of view.  So here’s all I have to say to Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev-WATCH AND LEARN GENTLEMEN THIS IS THE WAY YOU DEAL WITH A FREE PRESS GROW UP AND LEARN! Here’s a message to Ms. Pelosi: GET SOME RABIES SHOTS FOR GOODNESS SAKE YOU’RE SCARY! THAT OR GET SOME FREAKING MIDOL! (I’m female I can get away with it!) (RASPBERRY!)

To all who got out there and drove the political parties insane about this- GOOD GOING AND THANK YOU! I’m sure you had  lot of help. I find it appalling that we have SOME MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who think like Lenin and Stalin or even Trotsky or Marx tried to pull this. How can they when this is EXACTLY WHAT MAKES AMERICA TICK! Have I been ticked off? Yes. Have I been praying about this? Yes. Do I hate anybody Democrat or Republican? Yes I can’t stand either party until they grow up and act like they’ve got some BRAINS why let them off the hook?

This is what make President Obama so refreshing- he plays his political cards close to the vest  some things are open on others and here’s what he understands about the Constitution- it should be upheld no matter what. He’s FIRST GENERATION AMERICAN and we can all learn from this those of us who’ve lived here for 3 or 4 generations. FREEDOM IS A PRICELESS GIFT FROM GOD AND WE SHOULD NEVER SQUANDER IT ON DIVISION AND FEAR!  We let hateful and scary people do things to us that are both unconstitutional and insane and say it was all “an experiment” those are the kind that explode in a person’s face and kill them and others. It’s what I call a Marxist-Leninist agenda that would ultimately render America a laughing stock internationally.

Praise God and pass the copy toner freedom of speech is still alive and well in the world! If you were concerned about this and you haven’t started a web log or a web site because you didn’t know what was going to happen- NOW IS THE TIME! However, there is RESPONSIBILITY that should be observed and we should be so with our ways of expressing ourselves. I’m not talking about political correctness but what I call “being Jesus” to others. That means that you weigh carefully what you say and pray about the results.

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I find it absolutely tragic that Barack learned all this cool stuff, went to Harvard University and still couldn’t balance a budget. I’ll ber he did in college when he had to decide between ordering pizza and making his own. Give this man money that’s not even his though and that’s all she wrote! This has me very concerned for the simple fact that all I’ve seen is that the “Stimulus Package” has gotten BIGGER AND BIGGER. This could be the worst decision a president has ever made and the biggest miracle deliverance of the past 300 years we will ever need. This could not be a presidential decision but it sure has been a decision that nobody needs. I think he should’ve paid attention to his economics class. He also should’ve listened when it came to maintaining a reasonable budget for the country. Barack, here’s a few sites to help you with this endeavor, if you don’t like it- get over it! Here’s some web sites to help you balance the budget:

Get with the program and do what you need to do! This is getting embarrassing here. I find it very scary that people aren’t doing their jobs trying to keep us out of n absolute catastrophe world-wide. They want to “nationalize” this and “socialize” that. Have we forgotten what the Cold War was all about? Communism was a serious issue back in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. The 1990’s brought the Soviet Union to her knees and now we are acting like the Communists won. No they didn’t they got their tails kicked now wise up and act as if you understand that or we can take you out of office! It’s not called an election for nothing! That’s the ain difference between that system and ours free elections!

This is not about the grid-lock this is about putting proper restraints on the right things. Printing money won’ t work, it causes inflation. It causes us to have products we can’t even sell because the government doesn’t want anybody working. Well, I’m warning you I’m coming out of retirement and I plan on taking others with me ebcause all the U.S. Government has done is exploit people who are able to work ad then you’ll be sorry especially if they leave the country and never come back. I don’t hate America but what we are doing is SIN straught-up!

Laziness makes one poor and if  you don’t believe me, ask the Russians- they got to a point they hated to work because the government controlled everything! The quality of their products went down, people were stealing supplies (as if they don’t do that anyway over here- it costs businesses BILLIONS OF DOLLARS as a result.) This is no way to do this, now will you please let the country go on with business. Not business as usual but business none the less! Keep your eyes peeled folks we will lose more jobs more revenues, more of our future, and gain nothing for what we want to get back.

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I’ve never been so embarrassed as an American citizen in all my life! Steve  Geithner and Tom Daschle- need I say anymore? What makes these political “leaders” think they’ve going to get away with this? We started this country via revolution over of all things-taxes and these morons don’t want to pay theirs? Oh joy! In a country where you can uniquelyget a tax refund. We are the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD that does this. You can ask Europe, Asia, Africa, Iceland, Greenland and several other countries and we- the United States of America are the only ones who do this, so what’s wrong with Mr. Geithner and Mr. Daschle? To quote Forrest Gump- “Stupid is as stupid does.” Boy was he right!

Daschle has had to pull out of a presidnetial cabinet position all because he forgot WHAT? Good grief! I’ve seen dumb but this takes the cake! Yep, it’s a official- WHAT A  JACKASS! Does this fit or what? To those of you who need to file your taxes by the way here’s some  web sites:

Talk about a “taxing” subject oh brother!

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