I’m disturbed by what I’m seeing and hearing. What are you doing? We are one the cusp of losing the Republic and you’re playing tiddly winks with how much to cut out of the budget? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU????? I warned you not to do certain things and by the way, when you see the establishment coming at you like that remember this: THEY’RE TERRIFIED OF YOU- USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! A lot of them are corrupt, ignorant of the Constitution and as much as you’ve read the Constitution when you open up, you should understand by now what the Bill of Rights is- it’s the first ten Amendments for those who are sitting there reading it.

 THOSE ARE THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE AND THE STATE! That’s the engines of freedom people. Those are the rights the establishment on both sides don’t give a damn about but ever red-blooded American make and female would be glad to spill their lifeblood to protect! Now PLEASE DON’T FAIL US! The Patriot Act has shut down freedom, the Obamacare bill has done the same and none of us want either one. The more you shrink the more they win!!!!! The less you fight, the more they win! THESE ARE EVIL PEOPLE WAKE UP! I hate going George W. on you, but we don’t have time to piddle around here! NOW THE DANGER IS IN OUR BORDERS FOLKS!

Now we have Occupy WHATEVER in cities around the country. Not all of them are Communist, but the ones who are are costing the taxpayer $700.00 a night for hotels and that is UNACCEPTABLE! You need to cut off the president or get something on his credit card where wee are making money back. TO PAY DOWN DEBT! I suggested a program but this was not about doing something corrupt with a bank. This is not a points plan, it’s a debit card (I’m guessing you can do it with a credit card too.) It’s acalled PERKSTREET and it can work with a current account as well. You can probably negotiate a better rate than they offer. This is just one idea: I mentioned this idea to Mr. Boehner I don’t know if he took me seriously. I go on his FACEBOOK page a few months ago and mentioned the idea.

EVIL- ABSENCE OF GOOD. GOT IT? I HOPE SO! By the way, if any of you are Christians crack open  a Bible along withthe Constitution, 


Pharaoh Gen. 41:1, Ex. 1:11, Ex. 12:12, Ex. 15:11, Ex. 12:29-30, Ex. 18:11-12

king Agag Num. 24:7, 1 Sam. 15:8-9, 1 Sam. 15:8-9, 1 Sam. 15:32-33

king Saul

king Ahab amd queen Jezebel

The king of Tyre

The king of Assyria (Iraq)

The king of Syria

Roman Emperors

king Herod






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