Pacs and Jacks-Political News With A Kick!

Keeping my mouth shut is not something I’m good at and sometimes it gets me in a little hot water. I don’t care how “smart” a political figure is- if they don’t have some common sense to go along with that expensive degree they’ve got they just wasted more tax-payer dollars. I want my money back! If the current president is so absolutely brilliant how did he dupe thousands of people into voting for him? He’s smart all right- he’s a con-man. Now let me clarify something. I don’t hate President Obama, I just don’t agree with his politics.

To sit there and talk about “hope” for around 18 months and then turn around and tell people: “It’s going to get worse.” The man ought to resign! If he came into this without  a plan I’m not only disappointed I don’t appreciate deception! No, I didn’t buy his bill of goods I voted different. I really don’t appreciate how this is coming off either especially from the White House. He can’t come up with a plan thay doesn’t include $850 biilion? You GOTTA be kidding me! This guy was in the business world? What was he doing janitorial work? Probably not, but any person with any sense knows that running a business on a DEFICIT BUDGET is looking to get kicked out of office really fast.

I’m not very happy about the way the last president left us either. He restored some digniy to the office full restoration will come when we get somebody in here who knows how to discipline Congress and make them laugh while he/she is doing it. Not at the president, but at themselves-let’s face it, these guys are a mess. Pardon me, but they’d pass gas if the thought they could get away it and blame their opponenets in the process. The public is only going along with this  bacause they think that the demoncrats can do better- no they can’t they only do what they know-tax and spend, take a bribe, leave Congress and leave their constituents in economic pain and give themselves a pay-raise for it!

The tragedy is that there will be a very nasty response when people realize that they just got taken for the longest ride on record. We have had all the fun in the world and now it’s time to grow up and act like an adult folks! If you just graduated from high school or college you better have the BRAINS to back up the diploma you just got because if you don’t you’re going to need more education!

Don’t stop learning when you get out of high school or college. Keep reading, and thinking- and don’t stop! That’s what they want you to do! Think, pray, read the Scriptures, and praise the Lord. Always study the  Bible , U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers,  and the Mayflower Compact. The last document would shock them out of their minds if they read it. therea re some links i will put on here and I will keep adding to them as I find good links to educate you all about the political process. Keep coming back! Let me say one more thing before I go.

When reading web logs, web sites, journals, guides, and on-line magazines, e-zines etc., there could be a bias. I’m being rather blatant about mine on purpose as an example. I usually try not to get partisan, this was a test to see if people are paying attention. Let me also say this, some of the statements are a little border-line, let me explain, sometimes people say things that they either forget or regret- it happens all the time and one of the things that your parents will tell you is that you need to use you mind and think about what  being said.  If they aren’t then they’ve made a grave mistake.


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