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This  is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of.  If the government does this there could be a market problem even longer than expected.  I’m new at this and I  really don’t like the idea of “big brother” looking over my shoulder. I’m not even a stock broker. Howver, there’s also something that may stop this insanity in it’s tracks.  Go to the following web site:

There are also other links on this site you can go to to learn more about the U.S Constitution and about U.S. History, not social studies- U.S. History. There’s a major difference between the two. If Barack Obama puts this idea through there won’t be a Wall Street or a Stock Market because every person who is subject to this monstrous idea will be afraid to trade. I suggest that all he should do is give the SEC some legal teeth to do their job, link them up with the FBI and leave well enough alone. I’m tired of all this Big Brother “We’re watching you!” attitude. Reality check Hillary and Barack- we’re watching you too the “watching” is a two-way street in this country. This isn’t Pakistan, India, Iran, China, Syria, Libya, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Get a grip and get a life! Crazy liberals!

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I found myself curious about this little activity and wondered what was up. I totally agree with this concept. It is on a CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE LEVEL  at this point. I praythat we never have to repeat 1773- that could get sticky. I support this at this point. By the way, if you are wondering why the acrostic, T.E.A. stands for Taxed Enough Already. This sounds very much like what we went through 238 years ago but here’s the difference, we’re not dealing with Britain any longer, we are dealing with our own government. This time it’s not about the STAMP ACT, or the taxes on food stuffs like tea or anything like that- we are in an economic struggle for our survival as a democratic republic and it is rooted in Congress and the President getting us in so much debt that we are going to be paying OTHER COUNTRIES TO PAY OUR BILLS! We already owe China BILLIONS for covering our buns, This is not funny and it needs to stop start a T.E.A party today and send Mr. Obama a message: WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT! That one’s for you “metal-heads” out there. Get on board and get T.E.A.’D off. To do this go to:

Let’s get the government’s attention in a way we never have since 1773, let’s rattle the president and Congress’s cages so hard they wonder if that was a 10.999 on the Richter scale. We’re tired of being bullied by politicians who want to enslave our children to debt when we are trying to pull out of credit card debt- they apparently want us to stay there- this is MORONIC! get on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, e-mail your friends and family and have hem e-mail their friends and family, let’s set the political sphere on edge to the piont that they HAVE TO LISTEN TO US OR ELSE! They work for us- not the other way around. Make sure your are able to get to people in all 50 states and more than one major city as well. Let’s keep on keeping on folks and let’s do this with an ounce of CIVILITY and not just anger even though that is the fuel for the fire. There comes a time when we as a people Democrat and Republican alike need to wake up and reallize that the system is out of cnotrol! If we don’t get our government in check we will definitely get shafted more and more on both sides of the aisle with socialistic policies that just waste money and time and we will not go forward we will end up having to stop our usual work and endeavors to correct a Congress that is screaming like a 2 year-old brat. To all you parents outthere with 2-year-olds that’s not aimed at you but a bunch of GROWN UPS who are acting that way. 

Let’s spread these TEA parties and Christ’s love at the same time and that will help the movement to succeed in more ways than one. Get over being “liberal” and “conservative and let’s get out there and send a loud and clean out the system. The next time there’s an election, pick candidate that don’t support all this weird stuff at all. There are a lot of good political causes out there and there are a lot of bad- let’s get the message across- the tax abnd spend policies of the past and let’s start electing more Blue Dog Democrats who act like they’ve got some BRAINS as well as Republicans who stick to the ideals of the party.



Glenn Beck May Have a Point- We Are a Democratic Republic Let’s Act Like One!

The things that we get when we are dealing with other countries. I’m getting tired of other countries trying to shove socialism and potentially Communism down our throats in this country. I hope that we are alert and awake to what is going on with our economy and I’m tired of being threatened by a State Department and a U.S. Government that have no respect for Israel and the historic connection between our two countries. All I can say to Benjamin Netanyahu is- STAND YOUR GROUND AND DON’T GIVE UP! It has occurred to me that this current administration is not funny. Whether we are talking about the White House and the Congress or we are talking about the local mayor of my home town who I’m convinced is a total nut-case and absolutely incompetent about doing what we really could do without. We’ve been taxed and abused to the point  that we are about to blow. Let’s keep perspective but put these Liberal Weirdos on notice that this is America not the former Soviet Union and nobody needs this crap- just ask Russia they hated socialized medicine, socialized work, socialized play (now that’s ANAL people!) The things that we have allowed in this country even Alexander Solzhenitsyn R.I.P warned us about this junk and we didn’t listen- how stupid do we Westerners have to be?



Okay, you probably think this is disgusting- it is. It is where teens take nude or partially nude photos on their cell-phones and post them on the Internet. Kids are being prosecuted under sex-offender laws and they are ending up right where you don’t want them. Sitting next to the real McCoy- a bona-fide sex offender. Talk to your teens, if any photos are discovered either delete them and take the phone until trust is restored or get your child a phone card to stay in touch with you. This is not funny at all. A sex offender charge can ruin their lives. Don’t block the consequences, but don’t let the trend destroy your child’s life. This is so serious I can’t even go there.

To you kids out there, this is serious listen to your parents and don’t do this even if this is the “in” thing to do. It’s a serious problem and can ruin educational opportunities  not to mention the rest of your life. High school is ruled out, being a teacher, being a doctor, being a coach, being a minister, being in law enforcement, all options will be GONE  even as an adult and after you are out of family court and in the adult system. Talk about “scarred for life” you DON’T WANT THIS FOLKS!

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Please Let Me Know

When I started this, I may’ve mis-understood something said- I need to know if this blog is helpful in any way. Let me know.

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Warren would laugh his head off at the title of this article I’m sure.  Actually if you want to get his book The Snowball. I’d also suggest getting it at a discount rate. The book is actually $35.00 if  that’s too steep try a discount book site or something. Or even better keep your eyes peeled at dollar stores. I was totally shocked when this past week I turned on CNBC which I rarely watch and saw him discussing the state of the economy. The guy ought to know what it’s like to live through rough times, he’s 77- that means he understands what the Depression of the 1930’s and early 1940’s was really like. You won’t find him in a panic and selling off stock left and right either. He keeps his cool and bides his time watching these poor uneducated day-traders panic while he just sits back and grins and makes money. So to those of you who are yoyoing like a bunch of goofballs- STOP IT YOU’RE HURTING YOURSELF AND OTHERS! 

There are a lot of people who are letting their emotion think for them out there and they have done so much damage to the investment market that it has scared people out of their wits and out of the market in some casess permanently.. We need to learn what to do-  the right thing to do.  If you are going to start investing, learn to do this correctly and make your money gradually but do that so that you can do the same thing that Mr. Buffett has done for a long time. Also don’t think that he’s the #1 billionaire earner right now, he lost $25 million but I don’t see him going “Oh no, I’m dead!” He didn’t seem to freak out when he talked about it either.

If I were you I’d be careful where I get information on him as well. Some the media outlets are even trying to down-paly his connection to the company he runs called Berkshire-Hathaway. Be careful not to let the MEDIA always influence your decisions. Their main purpose is supposed to be  to put out ACCURATE INFORMATION which none of them is doing right now and that is tragic. I think that Congress needs to break up the big media conglomerates just a bit to preserve freedom of the press and speech just so people can get more perspectives on things. Do your homework and compare Berkshire-Hathaway with other investment houses. don’t just take the media’s bait. If  you’ve  got brains use them before somebody decides to make your decisions for you- trust me you don’t want that- you’ll get ripped off in the process.

It’s kind of like this shyster Bernie Madoff- now there’s a has-been. he not only made billions he ripped people off billions. You don’t see those kind of things happening at Mr. Buffett’s company- he’d promptly fire anybody that stupid.  I know this is apples and oranges but there’s a distinct difference here- the rip-off artist vs. the wise investor who keeps his eyes peeled for a great deal. Even my grandfather taught me to keep my eyes peeled for a good deal. Let me put it this way, he waits till the stock of a company goes down to a small single-digit amount and buys up the stock like it was penny candy. If you’ve the right amount of money you can do it was well. You basically wait things out. yes, the market’s a rollercoaster, but if you don’t enjoy the ride, get off and try something else.

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For those of you who have heard there was a pastor in Illinois who was shot and killed this past Sunday morning we need to pray for healing for the church and the shooter. The gunman actually needs prayer for a physical ailment. He has lyme disease. His name is Terry J. Sedlacek He also seems to need healing from the self-inflicted wounds that he attempted as well. He tried to commit suicide. The whole situation is rather tragic, a family is without a father and a pasture of sheep needs a new shepherd to take over. Let’s pray for the whole situation to be used to God’s purpose and to give all people  perspective on just how powerful the supernatural world is. One reason that teaching our children how to pray, do praise and worship, give and fast is very important. Also teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as well especially the gift of discernment.

 Discernment is being able to tell the difference between what is of human, divine, or Satanic origin. We need to be very careful when doing things like dramas that involve realistic sound effects so that nobody gets confused about what they are seeing. If you know that the youth is doing a skit- take note. If you know that the pastor is doingan illustrative sermon take note and ask questions about props and possible sound effects. If you have any police officers in your congregation, ask them to do the security at your church and to have a class about possible dangers from things like this. I know that nobodycan anticipate this kind of thing, but ask them to teach what to do when something like this happens

There are several incidents that have happened over the years where the shooters who’ve been involved have been hurt by the church somehow. The situation at YWAM  in Colorado in 2007 is a good example. Focus on the Family jsurecently in the last week re-played the broadcast from 2 months after the incident and the 2 families, the Works family and the parents of the shooter both turned out to be believers. I don’t know what happened with the current situation, but the one in Colorado was rather interesting in that the shooter was learning disabled- he had ADHD and felt rejected all through his life. The rejection he felt made him turn from Christ to the Occult- that’s a serious indictment against the Body of Christ folks- we need to be more compassionate toward others.

Teach your children that if they meet people who are “different” in this manner to pray for them and to make friends with them no matter how they act. “Some of the behaviors in ADHD has gotten kids even kicked out of Sunday School.” This was the statement made by the 2007 shooter’s mother. we need to remember- the majority of the people Jesus ministered to were the handicapped and the one thing He never did was turn them away either. Rejection is something that the challenged community has to deal with on a daily basis.

So if you make friends with these folks and bring them to church, please keep doing it despite their behavior it may even impact their spirit to the point of bringing them to Christ. The problem with the 2007 shooter was that he felt rejected even by the missions program at YWAM. We need to realize that even these folks if they are Christians are called to ministry at times and they can get medications by making arrangements with the U.S. Embassy in the country they are going to if we have one there. Let’s keep Terry J. Sedlacek in prayer for healing of ALL WOUNDS PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, AND MENTAL IF AT ALL. There’s no speculation as to whether he has a mental problem however. They wiil know when he recuperates and they are able to evaluate him. I also feel strongly we need to prayforthe state fo Illinois, first a corrupt governor and senator now this! What a tragic time in that state’s recent history!

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Dan Seum of the 38th district is supporting a transparency bill I would definitely support this bill. If you live in Louisville and are sick of not knowing what is going on in thiso town poltically this bill will solve this problem immediately. Jerry Abramson has not disclosed the workings of the political sphere in this town for 20 years and honestly it’s time to pay the piper. Where are our jobs? Where is our future? People haven’t moved here, they’ve left. Hey Jerry what gives? This will tell him exactly how we feel. It’s SB 80 that’s the bill number. Here’s the link you can go to for it. Also, snail mail this to anybody you know that doesn’t have a computer, or the Internet.

Here it is:

Let’s teach the people what’s really going on here. Also pary for bi-partisanship and not this weird “Sovietized” junk we’ve been dealing with. I thought this was supposed to be a 2-way street. we seriously need to work on this on both sides of the aisle. I know this sounds wimpy, but it’s not.I hope that this can be accomplished. Go Dan go! Here;s how to contact Dan Seum:

Phone: 1-502-564-2450 Annex and Capital building


Frankfort Addresses:

700 Capitol Ave.

Annex #242

Frankfort , KY  60601

700 Capitol Ave.

Capitol Room #319

Frankfort , KY 60601

Be politc and calmly explain your situation to the secretary.

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502-571- 9543         

web site:



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