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The Great Organic Deceivers

The Great Organic Deceivers.

As if we didn’t know!  The shocker for me is KASHI I’ve bought KASHI  fora long time and now I’m so mad, I could just scream! What the hell do we have to do to stay healthy? i JSUT GOT DONE GETTING RID OF KIDNEY STONES! WHAT? KIDNEY STONES?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS NUTS! OH, did I say “NUTS?” watch out fothose too. I’m very tired of dealing with betrayel on all levels. I’ve had it! Let’s send thse companies a serious message!

By theway, if  you know of omre companies doing this let me know. BURN UP THE COMMENT SECTION ON HERE WITH REAL SITES!





No Ron Paul revolution at convention – James Hohmann –

No Ron Paul revolution at convention – James Hohmann –

Okay, this is for all you ROMNEY PEOPLE OUT THERE! You need to do your homework! I’m sick of being ignored and I DEMAND- YES I SAID DEMAND  to be heard! Mitt isn’t Mitt folks! HIS NAME IS WILLARD. M. ROMNEY. His dad’s name is Goerge Romney, George was a COMMUNIST and he was a friend of SAUL ALINSKY you know the guy that wrote Rules for Radicals ?  Well if you don’t wake up this is gonna get worse! Romney is a snake oil salesman and he’s out to rip us all off, take the moeny and run. I’m tired of being ignored here and treated like I’m nuts. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! To the RON PAUL delegates, it’s time for you to recruit like crazy and get your buns into the convention! DO IT EN MASSE NOW AND WHO CARES WHAT THE RNC  WANTS! THEY HAVE NO FREAKING RESPECT FOR US OBVIOUSLY OTHERWISE THEY WOULDN’T BE PULLING THIS JUNK WE’VE GOT THEM ON THE RUN AND WE NEED TO ASSERT OURSELVES AND BE HEARD THIS LIMP-WRISTED WALLFLOWER CRAP HAS TO GO! GET IN THERE AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD AND I DON’T JUST MEAN CHEER FOR RON! GET YOUR BUNS MOVING AND SHUT DOWN THE CONVENTION IF YOU HAVE TO BUT DO IT! THIS IS NON- NEGOTIABLE I’M SICK OF FEELING LIKE WE HAVE NO POWER HERE! DON’T LET YOURSELVES BE SILENCED!!!!!




English: Chick-fil-A headquarters in College Park

English: Chick-fil-A headquarters in College Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’vw been paying attention this past week or so, there’s been a battle cry of “EAT MORE CHIKIN!” Well, maybe not from Chick-Fil-A but from the Christian community. The mayor of Washington, D.C. and the city council claim that they are going to deny the store a business permit because they are not pro homosexual. AND THEY SAID SO! Check out the newsroom on: and go to their site and check out different ways you can support them. Grab the family and some coupons and go there AUG 1, 2012, Check out their catering and cater you church’s picnic dinner or pot luck supper, , if you’re a Christian business, cater lunch for your employees, if you are A MEMBER OF CONGRESS AND TEA PARTY ETC., CATER LUNCH FOR YOUR OFFICE!  HEY YOU LEGAL EAGLES IN THE SUPREME COURT MAKE YOUR’ STATEMENT WHILE EATING LUNCH THERE AND LET THE COMMUNITY KNOW YOUR TRUE FEELINGS!  If you are any government worker ANYWHERE NEAR A CHICK-FIL-A GO THERE FOR LUNCH, BUY YOUR FAMILY’S MEAL BUY A WEEK OF MEALS I DON’T CARE, JUST GO TO CHICK-FIL-A AND LET THE D.C. MAYOR AND THE CITY COUNCIL KNOW HOW YOU FEEL THEN VOTE THE NUTS OUT OF OFFICE!  I don’t know what this knucklehead thought he was doing, but he just stepped in well, use your imagination. I’m serious, WE NEED TO EAT MORE CHIKIN!


Apple’s Jobs Steps Down, Says Can No Longer Serve

Apple’s Jobs steps down, says can no longer serve.ars ago

I’m praying for Steve Jobs that this is not permanent and it can affect morale and creativity in a company that has been a technonlogical innovator from the beginning. I’ve noticed that Steve went from Cherubic and chubby to gaunt and thin. Either he’s tereminally ill or he just can’t take the stress of working while ill whatever the illness is. It could be anything from cancer to heart disease jsut from the look of things.

I’m hoping he’s able to come back how likely that will be in the future who knows. I’m jsut hoping that the “war” between him and Bill Gates hasn’t hit a new level of nasty considering they went their separate ways about 30 years ago. I’m hoping this gets resolved before things come to a head for either company.  That’s not to say that time isn’t age just taking it’s toll. We all get older and sicker. 

 I’m concerned about Steve because it’s more than one thing.  Everything from heart trouble and pancreatic cancer to a really bad cold ( I doubt the latter- there’d haveto be an autoimmune disease involved cancer falls intothat category as does a lot of other things.)

Just keep him in prayer and hope that Bill Gates isn’t the problem because if he’s up to his creepy globalist tricks involving Steve that can have legal consequences.



Why are the animals dying? Birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths

Why are the animals dying? Birds, fish wiped out in mysterious deaths.

They found out why and a man died over threatening to expose the truth about it as well. Keep his family in prayer and keep this country in prayer. I have more information you’ll see on here later when I get done with this whole process. As a matter of fact, this was a member of the Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 teams. His death is tragic and we should pray for his family and probably after the investigation hold  public service for him. He died in service to his country as far as I’m concerned trying to stop something horrible from happening.


Morning Bell: The Fight for the Filibuster | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Morning Bell: The Fight for the Filibuster | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..

This interesting feature that we’ve seen attacked left, right, and center is a part fo the legislative process and it’s a safety valve to stop bad legislation and amendments from getting into and mucking up the system. This is one reason I think that Harry Reid needs to be removed from Minority Whip status. He’s IN THE SENATE ILLEGALLY!  He clearly violated the law and bypassed the will of the People. When a man decides he want to write the  Senate rules to su himself and not the will of the people he’s given up his right to govern!

The main problem that I see is that somebody needs to wrest the seat from him and tell him to sit down be quiet and learn! This maniac hasn’t shut up for the past 6 years and it’s time to. He’s made me more angry than I’d like. HE’S  A DOCUMENTED LIAR! People in his own state  are clearly sick of him and they want a different senator. If I were the attorney general of the state of Nevada, I’d open up an investigation. SEIU was clearly messing with the voting machines and their presence wasn’t needed. We need to stop all this insanity NOW!

I don’t know who needs to actually see this, but they really need to be put in a totally new senator for their own sakes. The history has shown that when any government is corrupt the downfall is very near. Let’s get him out of there! We need real political leadership and leadership that goes after corruption is not real political leadership iti s a caricature of itself and a disgrace.


The Les Naiman Show 12/19/10

The Les Naiman Show 12/19/10.

Chec it out!



  1.   Be honest- If there are flaws say so.
  2.  Don’t rip them apart, but be honest.
  3.  If it’s substandard, they won’t bother.
  4.  Opinions aren’t accurate.
  5.   Start with a leading statement.
  6.  Don’t get caught o in details.
  7.  don’t get carried away with details, you have very little space.
  8.   you don’t have to read EVERY WORD.
  9.   Reviews pay lousy. they pay $30.00-$40.00 each.       Sometimes they’re worth it! 
  10. Strike a balance.
  11.   Previous relationships are important on reviews. Example if you did one for Quill and Pen, that will give you an in to do another one especially if you did a terrific review.  Read he magazines you write for. If you want to write for National Geographic, read it! If you want to write for Charisma, read it- etc.
  12. Query the magazine on what to say- what are they looking for? Will they want a favorable write- up or will they want your opinion? What kind of material do they cover? For example, if you’re Catholic and the magazine is Pentecostal, you better have a knowledge of what their spiritual teachings are.
  13. Look to see who does reviews.
  14. Comment notice of reviews or whatever you want to write.
  15. Magazines want reviews a few months ahead of time.
  16. reviews- Filler/sidebar- Not exactly. It depends on the magazine.
  17. Overall purpose? e.g., Charisma Magazine Lee Vor Assistant editor. Main editor Lee Grady
  18. Novice reviews-,
  19. Weblogs- reviews.
  20. How long 5-6 months earlier.
  21. Good books to red for free.
  22. Stick to 200 word count if possible. 
  23. Interview author later for newsletter.
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The Bilderberg Group – Daniel Estulin on Coast to Coast AM May 24, 2010

The Bilderberg Group – Daniel Estulin on Coast to Coast AM May 24, 2010.

You gotta see this book!


Scarborough rips Obama for deficit posturing

Perhaps “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski’s take on Joe Scarborough’s conservatism as being elegant, articulate and non-aggressive isn’t as spot

via Scarborough rips Obama for deficit posturing.

Boy people just LOVE to TALK! I love that about the FIRST AMENDMENT! If you’re  PROGRESSIVE JERK AND YOU DON’T WELL THAT’S YOUR TOUGH LUCK! By the way, if you’re a DEMOCRAT and reading this and you’re NOT A PROGRESSIVE JERK- I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU!