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23 libertarian columnists launch Libertarian Party News outlet | PRLog

23 libertarian columnists launch Libertarian Party News outlet | PRLog.

I feel very stronglythat we need ot do this and give all American a voice and after the Republican Party basiclally treating myself and every other Republican who BUSTED THEIR HUMP to get Ron Paul where he needed to be to no avail and that the LAMESTREAM MEDIA has just dragged boththe TEA Party and the Patriot movemment through the mud, I have only one thing to say: IT’S ABOUT TIME! This has been one of the most brutal elections I’ve been through and I’m tired of being ridiculed, and smacked around that’s HIGH SCHOOL BEHABVIOR MENTALIY We nedto keep this adult, straightforqard and to the point. I’m an intelligent woman and I resent being treatedl ike junk by people who don’t even really know me. So to those of you who need to wake up, you better do it fast before they load ouy and the rest of us in a boxcar for a FEMA camp and you better quit telling us we’re full of crap because we’ve been born out to be right SO WAKE UP DARNIT!/strong>


Video: Iran earthquake triggered by HAARP?

HAARP is busy little bee! Iran quake death toll hits 306 killed, 3037 injured in Iran twin quakes Northwestern Iran was struck Saturday by a series of major earthquakes and strong aftershocks, as state TV reported at least 3037 people have been injured as a result of Saturday’s temblors. On Saturday, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck the city of Ahar, near the provincial capital Tabriz, 60 kilometers (37 miles) northeast of Tabriz at a depth of 9.9 kilometers (6.2 miles). Another quake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale jolted Varzaqan and Haris, which are located near Ahar, 11 minutes later at a similar depth. The epicenter of the quake was 49 kilometers (30 miles) northeast of Tabriz.

via Video: Iran earthquake triggered by HAARP?.



This is serious so listenp. It is not about fear but it is about portecting yourself. People do not realize this butthi is the number one cause of death in the world. When we let our governments murder us out right, that is evil to the core and wrong This is why-opening experience where I asked the Lord to show me the Truth about our real the 2nd Amendment is such a big deal to Americans. It’s not about our “wild personality” or our “unique perspective of ourselves.” It is about the basic fundamental right of every human being andthat is to live. Human life and human rightsa re a serious issue. This is more important noyt just to the U.S., but to everyhuman being breathing on this earth. DOn’t let these people just outright murder you. Prepare, wake up, arm yourselves to the teeth (you don’t need nukes) just don’t let them take your firearms. That has been the cause of all genocide inthe last 2 centuries or more. They ahave taken our access to firearms and self-determination. whether it was the Kings and Queens of Europe or the dictators of the 20th an d now current 21st centuries. When you let power strangel you, you are at fault just as much as they are.

DON’T LET THEM KILL YOU! DON’T LET EVIL WIN! SATAN IS GREEDILY RUBBING HIS HANDS JUST WAITING TO SEE THE CARELESSNESS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH! WE NEED YOU TO NOT JUST COME TO JESUS CHRIST WE NEED YOU TO REALIZE THAT SATAN IS A MURDERER, HE ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE! It doesn’t matter what your background is, the only problem I know that everybody is going to have is thw exclusivity claims of Jesus. I’m going to be very straight with you, all religions claim exclusivity and so it’s not a matter of that, I it is the vlaidity of the claims that are at stake. Even the claims of Jesus Christ are controversial, but I will say this, i’ve learned something about myself and about Him. I had a very eye-opening experience. I asked Him to show me jut how our lives were linked.

Let me put it this way, I was SHOCKED at how all- encompassing His guidance had been and how true to life and real. I love Him deeply and dearly and would like for you to get to know Him. I even asked if I could mix religions, and found under no uncertain terms can you. This is a one-shot deal folks. Jesus is “the WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”! John 14:6 and that settes it I’m afraid because if you try to do what I tried, it will destroy you. We all spend eternity somewhere and we have evidence that there IS life after death. Secular and non-secular entertainers Christian and non-Christian and we’ve all come to one conclusion mainly, you want to be on the right side no matter what sidet hat is. I know there are going to be people to tell you that I’m a fake, or that I’m trying to “distract you with Illuminati b.s.” REALITY CHECK: CHRISTIANITY IS NOT A RELIGION! IT IS A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST! Religion is dea and cold and will kill as soon as look at you – even satan is religious- odnn’t believe me? asl an occultist what they do all the time.They basically are tryingto appease their MURDEROUS LEADER!


One Family, One Bloodline, One Rule

One Family, One Bloodline, One Rule.

Here’s more information on this toic. If you know anybody with these type of familial connections, pray for their salvation and in omse cases protection (those who have no idea that this group is occultic in nature.) There are some of them who are Christian and have NO IDEA they are related to a bunch of satanists.



Impeachment! (Porto Alegre, 2009)

Impeachment! (Porto Alegre, 2009) (Photo credit: Vejo tudo e não morro)



Commander in Chief (video game)

Commander in Chief (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)!/photo.php?fbid=429523283761680&set=a.286622921385051.61655.286612614719415&type=1&theater

If you think they can’t do that to the President, you’re wrong, militarily he’s’ the CINC or Commander in Chief of the military so it applies.



English: The task of making foreign policy in ...

English: The task of making foreign policy in the United States, according to the United States Constitution, is divided among different branches of government, with the executive branch having much of the decision-making authority, while the Senate ratifies treaties (2/3 vote needed to pass) and the Supreme Court rules on how to interpret treaties. Congress has a role in controlling appropriations for military expenditures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those of oyu who are registered to vote from 18-98 I have 3 books for you to buy here they are:

  1. The 2012 Biblical Guid to Voting: Voice Your Values and Make Your Vote Count $9.99
  2. Voting As a Christian: The Economic and Foreign Policy Issues Energy/Global Warming/Immigration/Israel/Terrorism/Taxes/and More Wayne Grudem $18.99
  3. The Mornonizing of America: How The Mormon Relgioin Became a Dominnt Force in Politics, Entertainment, and Pop Culture Stephen Mansfield, Tweet I recommend reading #themormonizingofamerica by @MansfieldWrites@Worthypub , //:#mormonizingofamerica

Colonel’s class on Radical Islam Leaves Career in Limbo – Washington Times

Colonel’s class on radical Islam leaves career in limbo – Washington Times.

We need to get these extremists (and I’m referring to the Muslim Brotherhood out of the White House and their “puppet” who has infiltrated the U.S. Government. We need to protect our military members nad our militia members as well. (the latter included all Americans.) We have a serious security breech and it’s been going on for the past 4 years and I would not only suggest vetting for politcal members, but members of the military since we’ve had some attacks against our military by other members. A good example of this in the field is where soldiers have attacked CENTCOM by rolling grenades inot tenst and so forth. Also a domestic example is Ft. Hood. We need to shore up security in so many ways it’s not even funny. This gentleman’s strugle is only one stroy and you NEVER get his side of it of course.



Islamic Center of America

Islamic Center of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)!/photo.php?fbid=338218472941405&set=a.107384879358100.14836.100002597642037&type=1&theater




The reason I say this is that the person who put this up said they were special needs. If they were I do want an explanation. Why would 2 -5 cops beat up a disabled guy sleeping in the station? Are you that CALLOUSED that you don’t give a damn about another human being? I’m also well aware this is the SAME POLICE FORCE THAT BEAT THE HELL OUT OF PROTESTERS WITH A LEGITIMATE COMPLAINT. I odn’t side with the Occupy movement, but I don’t side with police brutality either- I TRULY WANT ANSWERS NOW!

Issues and Answers

Issues and Answers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)