'Deadliest Catch' Star Jake Anderson Wants Answers in Father Keith's Disappearance – AOL News

12 Mar

‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Jake Anderson Wants Answers in Father Keith’s Disappearance – AOL News.

Please pray for the safe LIVE RETURN of this man, he has a family, he has friends and he has co-workers who love and respect him. This man was trying to get off of the meds hewas on because the addictive nature of them but was hainga difficult time because of multiple injuries he got while on the job. His family claims something’s terribly wrong and that there are MAJOR HOLES AND INCONSISTENCIES IN THE CASE.

I suggest since this man is on a well- known cable TV program that the FBI be called immediately and something done now. Two months is too long. Yes, I’ve watched the show and what really floors me is how much like the 4 fishermen Jesus tapped these men are like. Even the coarseness you see in Peter. Please keep the family in prayer this is serious. The guy’s somebody’s dad, somebody’s brother, somebody’s friend, somebody’s co-worker, somebody’s husband- you get the idea. IF YOU HAVE ANY ACCURATE INFORMATION INVOLVIN THIS CASE PLEASE CALL THE AUTHORITIES!




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