17 Apr

The events in the town of Tracy, CA have people crying out for help and justice. You’ll have to pardon me, I’m not happy either- one child is dead, 15 others have been molested (this is not all the same person by the way-but it’s REALLY BAD! Pray for the town, All I can do is ask why myself, there were helpless children involved here. The 15 kids molested weren’t so helpless, but we have to remembereven teen-agers are at the mercy of others eventhough they are older and can fight back. They are still children.

The outrage I’m feeling is nothing compared to the residents of the town- they are in agony and it shows in the photos I saw on AOL this needs to not only be resolved, but the thing that has the whole town shocked is this- the one person involved was a SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. All I can say is that I hope that this was some freak accident because if it wasn’t then I’m going to question certain things. I’m hoping that they’ve arrested the wrong person or that they have the wrong information. However, I do realize that people do have rare moments where Christians allow Satan to influence them.

What disturbs me is how many of  us are allowing this kind  of creepy behavior to even have a toehold let alone a foothold. Looks to me like these people allowed a whole leg in this case. Please pray for the town of Tracy, this is horrific and the families are frightened. To the families in Tracy, CA here’s all I can say- “Be strong and of good courage.” “Fear not” and hang in there! Christ has not abandoned you and He’s there if you need Him just take Third Day’s advice and Call His Name when you need comfort. I rebuke the enemy for your sakes.

Let’s pray for the protection of the town of Tracy, CA.

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